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EURA Energy is the beginning of the path of the creation and development of independent, clean and affordable energy in Bulgaria and the region. Our focus is the development of clean energy generation and storage facilities from solar and wind, as well as green hydrogen (PtX) and biogas projects.

The partnership between the Danish Eurowind Energy and the Bulgarian Renalfa establishes EURA Energy in 2021. The two parent companies are European leaders in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and green technologies of the future.

The vision of EURA Energy follows the vision of our owners – the desire to play a significant role in the development of the energy sector and the energy market in the region by demonstrating that renewable energy is not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also affordable and cost-effective. The green transition relies on dedicated and focused efforts to develop, build, operate and optimize renewable energy sources, and at the same time incorporate new technological solutions into them. At EURA Energy, we offer just that – years of experience and new technologies.

As a leading developer of renewable energy projects, our expertise spans the full life cycle – from site selection for the construction of wind, photovoltaic and hybrid generation capacities, through securing development financing contracts, to the construction and management of energy parks from renewable sources.

Our highly qualified team has many years of engineering, financial, legal and business experience in the field of RES from Bulgaria and Europe.


Eurowind Energy is a Danish company established in 2006, after more than decades of experience, starting from a personal project on the family farm. To date, Eurowind Energy A/S designs, builds and operates energy facilities in 15 European countries and the USA. The company has built over 2.5 GW of capacity in Europe and already owns a small solar park in Bulgaria. The company is one of the first in Europe to invest in large-scale projects for the production of green hydrogen (PtX).

Renalfa Solarpro Group GmbH is an investment group of companies based in Vienna operating in the field of clean energy and electric mobility, with a focus on RES generating assets. The group owns about 3 GW of energy capacity under construction and about 200 MW of fully operational renewable energy capacity in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia. Renalfa has proven to be a platform with an efficient and successful business model that covers every aspect of PV and wind energy – from project structuring to asset operation.

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