In addition to the current technological mix of wind, photovoltaics and green hydrogen (Power-to-X), EURA ENERGY Ltd. is developing a business model for the production of biogas. Such competence-based development of renewable energy production, combined with an understanding of agricultural processes, is the basis for building sustainable models.

The use of biogas allows the preservation of important nutrients for the soil, unlike the burning of straw and other crops, which leads to a decline or even destruction of nutrients and therefore should be minimized.

Another solution that the use of biogas provides is the necessary fuel for some industries that cannot be electrified with the note that, by itself, biogas cannot play a role in household heating or in the production of electricity. Its local production, combined with green electricity production, will contribute to the overall energy mix and contribute to the gradual reduction of independence from external gas supplies.

The company aims to build installations for the production of biogas with a volume of 20-30 million cubic meters, to be co-located with Renewable energy parks and, if possible, the development of Power-to-X (green hydrogen). A priority for the company is the use of straw and other biomaterials without excessive use of accelerators, which should extend the gasification process from 40 to 100 days, but the planned larger tanks should compensate for such an extension.

Biogas facilities will produce oxygen, carbon dioxide, biogas and fertilizer, and the gases can potentially be further processed – most likely in combination with hydrogen – into eco-fuels (e-fuels), methanol and others. Such processes also depend on the development of the local community and the possibilities and needs for consumption of final products.

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