Energy Centers

For the development of green technologies, they should be considered as a single circulating energy system. Integration of wind turbines, solar energy and batteries with green hydrogen and biogas production, and the possibility of their use in specific localities, production facilities and settlements, to achieve an advanced sustainable model.

The starting point in such a concept are solar and wind turbines. These technologies produce green energy that is used in other parts of the energy sector. Energy storage batteries will provide balancing services to the grid, and electrolysis will produce green hydrogen. Typically, solar and wind turbines are located near arable land, making it possible to produce biogas locally in combination with green energy. It is the gasification of straw and local crops, instead of burning them, that is a sustainable way to preserve all the nutrients in the soil.

The creation of large energy centers will allow significant savings in infrastructure funds. As part of the energy is consumed locally, large long and expensive connections can be replaced by much shorter transmission networks combined with gas pipelines. The cost of energy transmission via gas pipelines is approximately 10% lower compared to grid energy transmission.

The concept of large energy centers works in Denmark and the company’s goal is to be replicated to Bulgaria according to local needs and conditions.

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