Renewable energy with EURA Energy

The world is shifting towards renewable energy sources, and Bulgaria is no exception. With its abundant wind and solar resources, Bulgaria has become an attractive destination for renewable energy companies. In line with this trend, our multinational renewable energy company launches its website and opened an office in Bulgaria

It was joint working projects in Europe that brought together the Danish company Eurowind Energy and the Bulgarian company Renalfa, which grew into an joint venture in Bulgaria and the creation of  EURA Energy AD company.

A major step after the establishment of the Bulgarian-Danish company was the opening of an office of the company in the first half of 2022. The office is located in the heart of Sofia, on 14 Tzar Osvoboditel blvd. It will serve as a hub for renewable energy projects in the region, providing on-site contact between clients, industry specialists and company representatives.

The launch of the website is intended to provide information about the company’s projects, technologies and expertise in the field of renewable energy. The website will serve as a platform for the company to communicate its commitment to sustainability, provide valuable information about the company and greater understanding in the world of renewable energy.

With the decision to open an office in Bulgaria and launch a website, the shareholders wish to demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable development and recognition of the potential for renewable energy in Bulgaria. Investments of this nature are significant in development both for the company and for a country like Bulgaria. Eura Energy hopes that as projects progress, job opportunities will open up for the local workforce in certain regions of the country and that the development of the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria will contribute to the country’s energy transition and will help Bulgaria achieve its goals of cheaper and greener energy and, accordingly, a stronger independent economy.


The decarbonization of our societies and economies is the leading challenge of this century. There is not just one way to make this happen and we at Eura Energy are working on each of them, which is the idea behind the logo.

The image is an accumulation of several layers. Starting from the colors, which are not chosen at random. Solar energy is abundant. It is the most profusely available form of energy on earth, because of its source, the Sun itself. In addition, solar energy can also be sotred and used to meet your electricity needs when needed. The color should express the perception of sun and its sun rays.

Wind energy comes from a natural and renewable resource. It is clean – produces no greenhouse gas emissions, nor emits air pollutants and it will never run out. In addition to being clean, wind energy can happily coexist with other sectors, the land where wind farms are located can also be used for farming and other purposes. On top of that, wind energy is the cheapest form of new power generation in most of Europe today. This brings us to the green color in the symbol of Eura Energy.

Hydrogen is emerging as a way for us to significantly decarbonise future energy production, including for industries where green energy is not possible. It also has the characteristics of a flexible energy source – it can be used immediately or stored and transported for later use with different grid technologies. The “sky blue” color expresses precisely the feeling of lightness and purity.

Eura Energy is a company created in partnership between two separate entities. Their work together is expressed in the colors that also refer to the corporate identity.

Тhe color of the sun as a reference to one of the partners – Renalfa.

The color of wind energy as a reference to the other partner – Eurowind Energy.

The last symbol in blue represents the partnership between both shareholders and their creation – the new company Eura Energy.

Seeking reference beyond corporate identity, there is the so-called World Energy Trilemma – the search for balance between three conflicting challenges of energy security, affordability and sustainability.

Energy Security reflects a capacity to meet current and future energy demand reliably, withstand and bounce back swiftly from system shocks with minimal disruption to supplies.

Energy Affordability – assesses a country’s ability to provide universal access to affordable, fairly priced and abundant energy for domestic and commercial use.

Energy Sustainability presents the transition of a mitigation and avoiding potential environmental harm and climate change impacts.

The intertwining of the three oval shapes in the EURA Energy logo expresses the idea of the optimal mix of the energy trilemma and emphasizes our strongest point and focus of our business – wind turbines.

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