The Municipality of Tundzha honored the investment of Tenevo Solar

On April 22 – International Earth Day and a holiday of the municipality of “Tundzha”, an Investment Forum was organized for the territory of the municipality, which brought together representatives of already operating businesses, with investors in new areas with high added value for the development of the region and local government .

Mayor Stancho Stavrev opened the official part of the event with an award ceremony for outstanding children, athletes, benefactors and representatives of new business initiatives. It was not omitted to take into account the contribution of employees from the municipal administration too.

Among the awardees was the “Tenevo Solar” project with a prize for investment in the construction of a solar park, presented to Kalina Pelovska, executive director of the company. The beautiful award, specially made for the occasion, combines elements traditional to the region – a wheat ear, a bell and the characteristic dove – the work of the local sculptor Boris Yordanov.

The event continued with a welcome speech by Lidiya Shuleva, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Policy. This was followed by official presentations of already implemented investment intentions, as well as projects under construction.

In parallel with the official part, an exhibition of producers from the region was organized, so that the participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local hospitality.

The purpose of the “Tundzha” Investment Forum is to create a real and full-fledged environment for communication both between the business that invests in the territory of the municipality, the local government and the institutions related to its work. The ambition is to become a traditional environment for exchange to support the development of local communities.

Important highlights of the forum were already realized sustainable investments in engineering and logistics and their subsequent progress, the developing large-scale projects in the field of energy from renewable sources and the improvements of the traditional livelihood of the territory – agriculture and others.

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